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West Coast 2050 was a strategic initiative undertaken to create a long-term economic development plan for the West Coast region in Te Wai Pounamu. The strategy needed to unite a wide range of stakeholders with divergent views to ensure regional alignment of resources and advocacy to improve outcomes for the wider community. Previous attempts had failed to deliver this outcome so OD&Co were brought in to offer independent facilitation and guidance.


Development West Coast

Delivery overview

  • Facilitation
  • Strategy Design
  • Stakeholder engagement 
  • Community engagement 


Te Tai o Poutini West Coast is a diverse and remote part of Aotearoa New Zealand with a vast geographical reach and several rural communities throughout the region.

There had been previous attempts to provide for a unifying economic development strategy but they had failed to gain traction, wide stakeholder support or maintain momentum.

Development West Coast were convening the strategy but needed to create something that was representative of a collective of stakeholders and not seen as merely a product of DWC. 

Previous strategies had mainly reinforced the status quo, been short term in their approach or had emphasis on a particular stakeholder or stakeholder(s).


We provided independent facilitation services, stakeholder engagement, cultural guidance and assisted with the writing of the strategy.

We worked alongside DWC and other stakeholders to ensure the strategy was well supported, resonated with the communities of the West Coast and was a platform for change and progress.

We ran several workshops to establish regional priorities and provide for a regional voice into the strategy that was reflected in the final outcome.

We worked through stakeholder and community feedback to  make recommendations and form the strategy document.

We led the launch of this document and continue to provide independent facilitation for the Steering Group that emerged to oversee the strategy.


For the first time, the West Coast has a generational plan for economic development in the region that is regenerative and supported by all key stakeholders including the councils and mana whenua.

The West Coast now has a clear plan and direction out to 2050 to navigate some of the significant challenges that lay ahead.

The strategy is now guiding investment and activity in the region, providing an advocacy tool for attracting investment into the region.

Stakeholders are working together well on the strategy with independent facilitation

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