Marae Redevelopment Project

OD&Co has led the communications for the significant cultural redevelopment of Te Āwhina Marae in Motueka. The project involves a complete redevelopment of the marae facilities and the establishment of a large-scale housing project, arts revitalisation centre and an education and trades hub.


Te Āwhina Marae

Delivery overview

  • Media and publicity
  • Communications strategy
  • Communications and story
  • Social media management


The ambitious transformation of Te Āwhina Marae's facilities marked a pivotal moment for the mana whenua of Motueka. The redevelopment not only required significant structural changes but also demanded a robust communication strategy to connect with the whānau, hapū, iwi, and wider community. 

The goal was to elevate the project's profile, attract further investment, and ensure that the aspirations of the community and the contributions of governmental and funding partners were recognised and celebrated. 

Our Approach

OD&Co tailored a comprehensive Communications Plan to support 18 months of continuous promotional activities. The plan included strategic event management, media campaigns, and stakeholder communications to keep the project visible and ensure that milestones reached the right audiences. 

We delivered a media campaign that significantly increased coverage across various media outlets and worked closely with the marae to ensure that communications not only supported the redevelopment but also enhanced marae communications long-term.


Te Āwhina Marae's redevelopment project received substantial media attention, with over twenty stories published across diverse media channels. 

Our efforts culminated in successful events with high-profile attendance, boosting the project's prominence. Social media engagement soared, surpassing previous metrics and performance. 

The communications assets created are now instrumental in advancing the marae's development and attracting further growth.

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